You need a professional Instagram Profile

If you want to work with travel brands and get sponsors...

We've all seen the headlines, and we've all dared to dream.

 "Travel the World for FREE!"

 "Monetise your Instagram"

 "Become a full-time Travel Influencer!"

I'm here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE!

You can do it if you put in the work, but you have to know how to begin your journey.

Don't lose before it even begins!

It takes a lot of work to attract the brands and businesses you dream of collaborating with but so many people that manage to get there throw it all away at the very next stage. The first thing these brands will do is to check out your Instagram account to determine if you fit their needs.

If the first thing they see is a photo of your pet cat, a profile name like Sexy Betsy, or a bio that says nothing about your own brand, they are probably going to immediately move to the next candidate!

It's only natural to want to get to the top as soon as possible but without doing the basics right from the start you may never get there at all.

None of the top Travel Instagrammers started at the top, they know you have to get the foundations strong before you build an empire.

You need:

 a handle that fits your goals

the right account type 

a name line that is memorable 

 a bio that is both informative and interesting

And I'm here to to guide you through it step by step.

The Perfect Instagram Content Creator Profile

Let's take the first and set up

What this course will teach you

4 steps to a Kickass Travel Instagram Profile

  • 01

    Intro and Outline

    • Welcome! What we will be doing to take your Travel Instagram beyond a hobby.

    • Meet your mentor

    • Pre-course survey

    • The basics

    • Download the Course Workbook

  • 02

    Step 1 - Finding the right Handle

    • Important considerations when creating an Instagram Handle

    • Tips for creating a great Instagram Handle

    • Activity 1 - Word jumble

  • 03

    Step 2 - Choosing the most suitable Instagram account type

    • The 3 types of Instagram accounts

  • 04

    Step 3 - Making the most of your Instagram Name

    • 4 things to DO when creating your Instagram Name

    • 5 things you DON'T want in your Instagram Name

  • 05

    Step 4 - Key factors to perfecting your Travel Instagram Bio

    • 7 steps to creating the perfect Travel Instagram Bio

  • 06

    Are you ready for success?

    • 6 tips when deciding if being a Travel Instagrammer is right for you

    • End of course survey

Dana - @wanderingdonut

Meet your Instructor

Dana says she grew up around the world, a benefit of having parents who love to travel. She always knew she never wanted to stop and was determined to make travel her career. She has qualifications in Travel, Tourism, and Event Management.

Dana started travel blogging while still in High School, had her first travel collaboration at 17 (with only 600 Instagram followers at that stage), then at 21 became the youngest trainer/leader for a major entrepreneurial retreat operator. She created, lead, and sold out her own food and photo tour to New Zealand, and was the first Instagrammer EVER to partner with the Solomon Islands tourism board!

Her travel brand is Wandering Donut which focuses on showcasing underrated and unique destinations and promotes realistic travel to inspire a constantly growing and engaged worldwide audience.

Dana and her @wanderingdonut business has created content for, and collaborated with, some of the top brands and destinations around the world. Brands like GoPro, Sony Cameras, Cebu Pacific Air, Destination NSW, American Tourister, Google, Dream Cruises, National Geographic, Port Douglas Daintree Tourism, and Adobe. And what sort of Wandering Donut would she be without teaming up with Krisypy Kreme Doughnuts on several occasions?

Dana Williamson

What others have said

Comments from a Women's Educational Retreat in Bali.

“Thank you so much for everything from the smile on your face to your workshop and sharing your skills, Dana. I LOVE YOU!!!”



“WOW! What an amazing powerhouse in a tiny package you are Dana! Thanks for your warmth, openness and good humour. And – a totally kickass workshop. THANKS!!!”



“Dana, you're so fun & energetic and AUTHENTIC. Thankyou for showing us all a shining example of being original.”



“Thankyou so much for showing me that I can do anything! You are truly amazing! ♥”



“Dana, you are perfect and hilarious in every way and I can’t imagine this experience without you.”



“Thanks for your great energy, Dana! You brought sunshine to this workshop!”